The CD Boxset: Volume Three 6 CD

The CD Boxset: Volume Three 6 CD

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This is the third in four volumes of the bands complete recorded output comes in both 180gm Vinyl and limited-edition CD box sets. They contain all the recordings from the band in the 2000’s and feature the original packaging on both formats. Housed in rigid boxes the sets also contain a hard-backed book with rare photos by Ross Halfin and notes by Classic Rock’s Paul Elliott. Band members Joe Elliott, Rick Savage, Rick Allen and Phil Collen have also contributed introductions to the set.


CD1 (X)

1. Now

2. Unbelievable

3. You're So Beautiful

4. Everyday

5. Long Long Way to Go

6. Four Letter Word

7. Torn to Shreds

8. Love Don't Lie

9. Gravity

10. Cry

11. Girl Like You

12. Let Me Be the One

13. Scar

CD2 (Yeah!)

1. 20th Century Boy

2. Rock On

3. Hanging on The Telephone

4. Waterloo Sunset

5. Hell Raiser

6. 10538 Overture

7. Street Life

8. Drive-In Saturday

9. Little Bit of Love

10. The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll

11. No Matter What

12. He's Gonna Step on You Again

13. Don't Believe A Word

14. Stay with Me

CD3 (Songs From The Sparkle Lounge)

1. Go

2. Nine Lives

3. C'mon C'mon

4. Love

5. Tomorrow

6. Cruise Control

7. Hallucinate

8. Only the Good Die Young

9. Bad Actress

10. Come Undone

11. Gotta Let It Go

CD4 (B-Sides)

1. Now (Radio Edit) (B-Side - Now)

2. Long Long Way to Go (Radio Edit) (B-Side - Long Way to Go)

3. Kiss the Day (X – Japanese Bonus Track)

4. 10 X Bigger Than Love (B-Side - Long Way to Go)

5. Love Don't Lie (Demo) (B-Side – Now)

6. Let Me Be the One (Demo) (B-Side - Now)

7. Gimme A Job (B-Side - Long Way to Go)

8. Now (Acoustic Version) (B-Side - Long Way to Go)

9. Long Long Way to Go (Stripped Version) (X Bonus Track)

10. Nine Lives (Joe Only Version) (Sparkle Lounge Japan Bonus)

11. Perfect Girl (Demo)

12. Love (Piano Version) (Sparkle Lounge Japan Bonus)

CD5 (Yeah! Studio Covers)

1. Only After Dark (B-Side - Let’s Get Rocked)

2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (B-Side Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad)

3. Little Wing (B-Side Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad)

4. Ziggy Stardust (B-Side Slang)

5. Under My Wheels (B-Side Goodbye)

6. Who Do You Love? (B-Side Goodbye)

7. Rebel Rebel (B-Side Now)

8. Led Boots (B-Side All I Want)

9. Cause We Ended as Lovers (B-Side All I Want)

10. Search and Destroy (YEAH! 2)

11. How Does It Feel (Yeah! (iTunes exclusive)

12. Roxanne (Phil's Demo)

13. Dear Friends (YEAH! 2)

14. Winter Song (YEAH! 2)

15. American Girl (YEAH! 2)

16. Heartbeat (YEAH! 2)

17. Space Oddity (YEAH! 2)

18. When I'm Dead and Gone (YEAH! 2)

19. Stay with Me (B-Side Now)

CD6 (Yeah! Live)

1. Elected (B-Side Heaven Is)

2. Action (Yeah!)

3. No Matter What (YEAH! 2)

4. Rock On (Yeah!)

5. Travellin' Band (Radio Edit) (Pyromania Bonus Disc)

6. Now I'm Here (A Tribute to Freddie Mercury)

7. 20th Century Boy (VH1 Rock Honours)

8. All the Young Dudes (Once Bitten Twice Shy)


Release Date: June 11th, 2021 

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